May 18 2014 baseball sign

Shank & Falvey is pleased to support many local activities. We sponsor youth baseball teams in a number of local communities.

Rough Winter for Your Roof

All this snow can cause havoc for your roof. A square foot of compacted snow can weigh close to 50 pounds, multiply that by the area of your roof and you’ve got a lot of weight up there. With rain forecast for our area this week it’s only going to get worse. The Town of Coxsackie’s highway garage collapsed last week (2/14/14) under the weight of the snow.

If you’ve got a pitched roof it’s a good idea to rake as much snow off of the roof as you can. Roof rakes allow you to do this from the ground so you do not have to go up on the roof.

If you’ve got a flat roof, hire a contractor to shovel the snow off of your roof. You’ll be glad you did!

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